Fundamentals of Engineering Exam Review

The Fundamentals of Engineering Examination is an eight-hour exam with a supplied reference manual. No other books or notes or blank paper is permitted in the testing area. The exam has 120 one-point questions in the four-hour morning session and 60 two-point questions in the four-hour afternoon session. The morning session is common to all disciplines. The afternoon session is administered in the following five disciplines: Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Industrial and Mechanical with a General Engineering section for all remaining disciplines. The General Engineering version is mostly an extension of the type of material covered in the morning General exam. Most candidates seem to do better taking the Discipline-Specific exam. Examinees work all questions in the morning session and all questions in whichever afternoon section they select when you register for the exam.


For each of the presentations you will find

  1. MP4 Mobile phone, Ipad, Real Video or AVI taped presentations
  2. Original notes to accompany the presentation (PDF)
  3. Proposed Errata sheets

We suggest that you first download the notes and print them out before viewing the videos. The video presentations are not that clear, and it is easy to get lost without a hard copy of the notes to follow. If you really don't wish to print out the notes, a second suggestion is that you open two instances of your browser on the screen, and use one to display the talking head, and the other to display the notes.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are having problems viewing the files, please click here.

Reviews for the Common Morning Exam are:

There are additional video reviews regarding Chemistry presented to freshmen engineers at TAMU which will also serve as continuing education if you would like to brush up on your chemistry. Believe me, if you learned chemistry when I did, you will be amazed at how it has changed. There are 38 modules of about 45 minutes each, and they are excellent.

Reviews for the FE Discipline-Specific Afternoon Exam are available for Civil Engineering only. These tapes were actually prepared for the Principles and Practices exam. However, they are very close in content to the questions asked on the FE Discipline-Specific Civil Engineering afternoon exam. The main difference in these tapes is the depth of the material covered. These reviews go more into the design aspects of the subjects than really necessary for the FE Exam. However, they do cover much basic information which should prove invaluable on the Discipline-Specific Civil Engineering Exam. Thus the 3 hour review on concrete design could probably have been covered in one hour had it been designed specifically as an FE review. We leave it to the student to decide how much of the review to cover.

Some materials are available in Adobe portable document format (PDF). To view and print these materials, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader software. Click here to download this free software.