Engineering Licensure Exams
Video Reviews

PLEASE NOTE: The REAL streaming license became so expensive, and was so seldom used after the addition of MP4 and MOV files, that the Department let it expire.  Please use the MP4 files listed below.  You will need Adobe Reader to view the homework notes.

You can download these files by "Right-clicking" on them and then click on "Save Target As".

Reviews are available for both the F.E. General and P.E. Civil exams:

  1. Fundamentals of Engineering Exam Review (All Disciplines)
  2. Principles and Practice Exam Review (For Civil Engineering, although applicable to some others like Mechanical, and those needing statics, mechanics of materials, engineering economics, etc.)
  3. Ethics Links - for those needing 1 hour of continuing education in ethics for yearly registration requirements

These reviews are made possible courtesy of the U.S. Military at Fort Hood, Texas, for whom they were originally prepared, and by the generosity of Dr. Dan Turner, whose Incentive Grant Award was used to purchase everything from the software needed, to extra memory and big old hard drives to process the materials. Server software and computers are supplied by the Civil Engineering Department at Texas A&M University. Thanks guys. The presentations were generated by professors at Texas A&M University and presented to Fort Hood engineering students by live televideo. Presentation notes are included with the videos, and can be downloaded and printed in various formats, or you can open a second copy of your browser and view them along side the taped presentations. Simply display the talking heads on one side of your screen, and the notes on the other. You will find this necessary because in most cases the notes in the streamed video will be too small to read.

The FE and PE tapes were generated some years ago, and someday the information will get out of date. While most of the engineering principles remain the same, code procedures and requirements will change over time. Thus you can be pretty sure that the reviews on statics, strength of materials, and engineering economics will be current, but less sure about the calculation methods listed for Cb in the steel beam design review. Please be careful.  The "complete courses" were current as of the dates presented to our students, including the AISC Steel Construction Manual, 14th edition.

Finally, PLEASE let us know if they are useful. If 30,000 people view this material and nobody gets a bit of good out of it, then we have wasted the valuable time of the next 30,000 people who could be studying in some more useful way. Also, if you find errors or omissions or other problems in the presentations or in the printed materials please let us know, or it won't ever get corrected. To give us feedback, good or bad, please click here.

Some materials are available in Adobe portable document format (PDF). To view and print these materials, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader software. Click here to download this free software.  Be sure to UNCLICK any junk they would like to sneak onto your computer that you don't want.  Please note that there is a button on the Adobe Reader to "rotate" the notes if you need to rotate them 90 degrees on your screen.