REAL Video Download Page

We have numerous requests from people wanting to download the Real presentations to their hard disks, especially from those using 56k modems. Please note that you are welcome to do this, but the files are quite large - often over 200 Mb. Also, the presentations often had to be split into several files. To download them, right-click on the name below, and click on "Save Target As." Be sure to carefully note where on your hard disk you save the file, or you will waste a lot of hard drive space. To view them, simply go to the file on your hard drive and double-click on the file name. Real should open the file for you. Note that the .rm files are the Real streaming video files, whereas the .pdf files are the corresponding Adobe notes. You are welcome to burn them to CDs or DVDs to open up space on your hard drive, or sharing with friends.

Please note that if you simply left click on the file names below, the entire file will first be downloaded to your hard drive exactly as if you right-click on it. However, your computer will put it in a temporary directory and then try to play it using Real, and you probably won't know where on your hard drive it was placed for later viewing.

If you are trying to download these files and are unable to do so, please email me at and I will attempt to fix the problem.  Also note that we don't have the .MP4 files on a drive for downloading.  We simply converted the files below to .MP4 using AVC (see

Some materials are available in Adobe portable document format (PDF). To view and print these materials, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader software. Click here to download this free software.

  FE REAL Video Review and pdf Notes Downloads


  PE REAL Video Review and pdf Notes Downloads



01-03-10 - 05-02-12 = 43481
09-14-09 - 01-02-10 = 5905
03-19-09 - 09-13-09 = 12137
02-16-09 - 03-18-09 = 2164
05-10-07 - 02-15-09 = 33934