How to get study books for passing the F.E. exam

Many of the subjects you need to know to pass the F.E. exam haven't changed in years.  Examples are statics, mechanics of materials, dynamics, others.  Thus you really don't need a new textbook to study out of.  An old edition will work just as well.

To get a good cheap old statics book, go to one of the book sellers listed below and put "statics textbooks" (or dynamics or mechanics of materials or thermo textbooks) into their search engine and they will suggest hundreds of books.

Putting "statics textbooks" into listed below brings up:

Here you see Vector Mechanics for Engineers: Statics by Beer and Johnston, some of the best authors around.  New price?  $187.  Used price? $21.61.  Buy it.  Then do the same thing for other subjects.

Web sites to check for used book prices:
Some may be dead, several got bought out by others and go to the same web site. All are considered reliable.

If on the other hand you are specifically looking for F.E. Review texts you can try the following companies.  If you want to find a used book in this list, find the author and submit their name in the used book list above.

Review manuals, textbooks and other helpful study materials regarding the exam are listed below. 

HOWEVER!  Due to the recent change in exam content on the F.E. regarding Discipline Specific content, Things aren't so simple anymore.  Here is a reply to one of my students (6/23/14):

Dr. Lowry,


I am beginning my preparation for the FE exam and am hoping to take it in the fall. I am wanting to ask you a question regarding the two review manuals. I ordered the Civil Discipline-Specific Review for the FE/EIT Exam by Robert Kim MSCE PE, Thomas A. Spriggs MSCE and Michael R. Lindeburg PE (May 1, 2009) , however I then saw the FE Civil Review Manual by Michael R. Lindeburg PE (Feb 25, 2014). My question is how big a difference in material do you think there would be between the 2009 and 2014 version. The 2014 version has a significantly higher price therefore I'm just curious if it is worth it to buy it at the high price if the 2009 handbook is going to have almost exact information.

Thank you,




Hard to answer.  Sadly, probably the newer edition.  That is because the exam has recently changed dramatically.  See Lindeburg text coverage from 2010 to 2014:


FE Topics Covered - the 2014 edition is very Civil Engineering specific:

•Computational Tools



•Engineering Economics

•Environmental Engineering

•Ethics and Professional Practice

•Fluid Mechanics

•Geotechnical Engineering

•Hydraulics and Hydrologic Systems



•Mechanics of Materials

•Probability and Statistics


•Structural Analysis

•Structural Design


•Transportation Engineering


FE Topics covered - the 2010 edition coverage is much more general for CE, PETE, ME, etc.



•Computers, Measurement, and Controls

•Conversion Factors


•Electric Circuits

•Engineering Economics


•Fluid Mechanics

•Materials Science/Structure of Matter


•Mechanics of Materials Statics

•Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer

•Transport Phenomena

•Units and Fundamental Constants


You might get by with the Civil Discipline-Specific FE 2009 version which looks much more like the 2014 edition:

Topics covered

•Construction Management

•Environmental Engineering

•Hydraulics & Hydrologic Systems


•Soils Mechanics & Foundations

•Structural Analysis

•Structural Design




They also have some rentals:  ---->  $150


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