Please note that if the files play on your computer, and the sound is fine but the images are illegible and look like smeared butter, your connection speed is too slow to keep up.  In its attempt to keep up with the sound, Real is showing you an extremely poor version of the video stream.  In this case you will have to download the files you want to view to your computer, and play them from there.


One first thing.  I hate to throw all the blame on your end, but if these videos won't play it is almost certainly not something that I can fix here.  At this moment there are dozens of people watching them, and the site gets over 5000 hits/month.  Believe me, when something goes wrong I get email from all over the earth.  Of course, you could be the first to notice that it went down, so please do email me at lowery@tamu.edu.


Having said that, your best bet is to get your corporate Information Technology department to come help you with it.  It is usually things like

  1. You don't have a video player that will play MP4 files or an equivalent streaming player on your computer, or it is set up incorrectly. 

  2. Your company may have a firewall preventing you from viewing the content, trying to keep out viruses and porn. Often if you will tell them why you need to get through the firewall, i.e. to watch tutorials regarding Professional Engineering Registration, they will open up a hole for you.

  3. If you want what is probably considered the best free and most flexible media player go to http://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html


First, try clicking here.



From: Joe
Sent: Thursday, October 23, 2014 1:29 PM
To: lowery@tamu.edu
Subject: Files


Hi, I am unable to download or view any of the videos from the website.  Can you please help me. 








I can certainly try.  First, are you looking on the following page?




Click on either the FE or PE link.  Then you see links like

You should be able to simply click on any of the MP4 links and they should play.  You can also download the files.  Simply right click on them and it says:


Click on "Save target as" and then put it somewhere on your hard drive.


Just that simple. 


If your computer won’t play the files then you have a problem with your video player and may have to get someone to help you fix it or reload it.  Or, probably the best third-party free video player is VLC Player.  You can get it and install it at:




Once installed you can run it and tell it to open one of the video files you saved on your computer.


Good luck,




Lee L. Lowery, Jr., PhD, P.E.            <><

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You will find, when you die, that that part of yourself which you gave to others does not die with you.



Dr. Lowery,
I am having problems accessing the files online. I do have Real player and I have been opening the files in real player.  I have even downloaded couple of files on my computer and tried playing them there but it still didn't work. Is there any other way to access this information.  Thanks a lot for all your help.


Dear Prabhjot:
I checked our server logs and they have been up and running for the past 6 weeks, so something must be wrong with the Real Player on your computer. I only say that because whenever something goes wrong on our end, I get several hundred emails asking about it. That's when I know there are problems on this end.


Try uninstalling your Real player and getting the latest version at http://www.real.com/freeplayer/?rppr=d9 and reinstalling it. They often have new versions. Just hit NO every time they try and trick you into buying something, or load up your computer with Yahoo toolbars or other trash.


Also, if you were unable to download the video files for viewing from your computer, be sure to get them from the download link at http://engineeringregistration.tamu.edu/tapedreviews/index.htm. Click on DOWNLOADS.  Your computer will not download the full video file if you simply right-click on the video file to be viewed. That only downloads a small forwarding file that tells your computer where the Real file resides. You can tell if this has happened because the size of the downloaded file will only be about 1 Kb, rather than several hundred Mb.


Finally, you might try using Real Alternative to view the videos, which many people prefer. Go to http://www.filehippo.com/download_real_alternative/   I have had to do this because I cannot get the Real Player to advance to a later time in the presentation. It just sits there and says "Loading ...", forever. The Real Alternative works a lot better for me.  You will have to be careful, because everyone tries to trick you into pushing a button to download something else, like a wonderful spyware program or something. That's just how they make money to support the site.

Good luck,


Lee L. Lowery, Jr., PhD, P.E.            <><
Room 139c
Zachry Department of Civil Engineering
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-3136
Mail Stop 3136
Phone: 979-845-4395
Fax: 979-845-3410
You will find, when you die, that that part of yourself which you gave to others does not die with you.





To: Lowery, Lee
Subject: Re: FE Review


Thanks a lot for all your help.  I was able to fix the problem. 

I was receiving "Invalid socket error."  I downloaded the Alternate Real Player, but it didn't work.  This is how I was able to solve the problem in case anyone else have this problem in the future you can refer to this.

1. In RealPlayer, click the Tools menu and choose Preferences. The Preferences box opens.
2. In the Category pane under Connection, click Network Transports.
3. Select the Manually configure connection settings check box.
4. Click the RTSP Settings button.
5. Clear the top three boxes, then make sure the Attempt to use HTTP for all content check box is selected.
6. Click the PNA Settings button.
7. Clear the top three boxes, then make sure the Attempt to use HTTP for all content check box is selected.
8. Click OK twice to save your changes, then try to connect again.

Again, thanks for your help and thanks for uploading the videos online for everyone.