Tape coverage:

These review tapes were set up before the Board of Registration had a Discipline Specific afternoon exam.  Thus they were originally intended to cover:

Since then, the board has included much of the introductory materials from the P.E. exams for all disciplines and turned it into afternoon F.E. Discipline-specific exams.  These are offered, along with a "General" exam, on the afternoon of the F.E. exam.  Thus these reviews are now commonly being used as follows:

Use of the F.E. tapes covering all disciplines:

Use of the P.E. tapes which cover only Civil Engineering:

We have been asked what others should do to prepare for the FE afternoon Chemical, Electrical, Industrial, Mechanical, etc.  There are numerous study resources like those on this site which you can access, although they are usually not free.  You can find some of these resources on the previous page: