I am often asked, of the many topics and lectures available, what do I watch as a good mix to satisfy my licensing requirements for the coming year.  Obviously your tastes and needs won't be the same as mine, but if you would like some variety in your life, and wish to see some topics that will without doubt fill both the letter and spirit of the licensing continuing education requirements, I would suggest the following.  The hours of credit you can claim and how they would upgrade and broaden your engineering skills are listed.

  1. Construction

    1. Distributed BIM (Building Information Modeling 1) - Brent Mauti - 0.75 hours

    2. Distributed BIM (Building Information Modeling 2) - Brent Mauti - 0.75 hours

    3. Civil Engineering: High rise construction and Form work - An excellent animation on how a complete concrete building is formed up - 0.05 hours

    4. 30-Story Building Built In 15 Days (Time Lapse) - You believe this?  30 stories?  15 days? - 0.05 hours

    5. Estimating and Bidding - Construction Employers Association - 1.25 hours

  2. Engineering Geology and Geotechnics

    1. Engineering Geology and Geotechnics - 16 Lectures - Missouri S&T Course - Professor David Rogers

    2. BBC  Men of Rock - 9 videos

  3. Environmental

    1. Safe Drinking Water: Science and Law - Lexi Kimbrough - 0.75 hours

    2. Environmental Politics and Law - Open Yale Courses - Professor John Wargo - Video List, Class notes -

    3. Water Management and Disruptive Technologies - Monroe Weber-Shirk & Ruth Richardson - 1.25 hours

    4. Garbage

  4. Offshore Platforms

    1. Design of Offshore Structures - Concepts, Loads, Design - 40 hours

    2. Offshore Platforms - Truly Large Structures - 3 hours

  5. Infrastructure

    1. Engineering and Civilization: Bridges, Infrastructure, and the Sources of Success and Failure - Henry Petroski - 1.5 hours

    2. ASCE Americas Infrastructure Report Card  -  About 1 hour to read through the whole report and photos and videos, but very interesting. 

    3. Risk and Uncertainty in Infrastructure Planning; Jery Stedinger - Civil and Environmental Engineering, March 4, 2014; 1.5 hours

    4. The Future of Smart Grid Technology

    5. Smart Grid Tutorial - Rusty Williams - Breaks down what "Smart Grid" technology is and where it is going - 0.75 hours

    6. Smart Grid Fundamentals

  6. Probability Methods in Civil Engineering - 40 lectures for about 30 hours.  Take your pick from simple to heavy duty.

  7. Prestressed Concrete Lecture Series - Rabin Tuladhar

  8. General Engineering

    1. To Engineer Is Human

    2. The Search For Longitude

    3. Hydraulics - Engineering Hidden Marvels

    4. Engineering Lubricants

    5. Concrete

    6. Steel

    7. Offshore Oil Platforms

    8. Canada Oil Sands

    9. Tunnel Construction

  9. And a practically infinite series of lectures on a myriad of engineering subjects, many of which are really interesting once you get over the rather strange version of English spoken in India.

Learners University  (Surveying, Engineering Geology, Structural Analysis, ...)

The ones I watched and enjoyed were

  1. Concrete Design

  2. Prestressed Concrete Design - A series of lectures

  3. Analysis of Concrete Pavements

More than enough there to fill out 14 hours if you like.  An interesting mix between the way we do it here vs. India.

  1. Then for an hour or more of engineering ethics, take your pick:

  1. Ethical Engineering Decision Making  <<< Best one I think

  2. Ethics in the Professions: Engineering

  3. MIT Open Courseware

  4. Berkeley Engineering

  5. Technology and Ethics - Coursera 7 week free class - Ohio State University

  6. Ethics in Engineering - Michael Delaney, vice president of Engineering, and Marlene Yamashita, Director of Ethics and Business Conduct at Boeing Commercial Airplanes gave this talk to students at Columbia's Engineering School

  7. Incident at Morales - Engineering Ethics - NSF/National Institute for Engineering Ethics