Dear Engineering Student Group Advisor:

If members of your student group are preparing to take the Fundamentals of Engineering exam on April 12, here's a new way to help them do their best.

The Exam Cafe ( is a web product that lets examinees prepare online for the FE exam. The Cafe offers a database of 1,000+ realistic, exam-style practice problems for this test. Students access them at their convenience, on their own PCs.

Using the Exam Cafe, students can generate timed practice exams that simulate the official NCEES test in content and format. The NCEES "FE Supplied Reference Handbook" is the only reference that should be used, just as in the real exam. Morning and afternoon practice tests are offered for the General and the discipline-specific modules. Either 4-hour or 2-hour exams are available. Pricing is affordable, starting at $5.00 for a 2-hour PM exam.

During the exam, students can pause the exam at any time. When they resume, the elapsed time begins where they left off. When the exam is finished, they can access their score (broken down by exam topic) and the correct solutions to all questions.

Students can also select Open Access to all 1,000+ FE problems in the database, which lets them work all the problems at their own speed, plus create and take as many timed exams as they wish.

We hope you'll let members of your student group know about the Exam Cafe. It's an effective, affordable, and flexible way to get practice working FE exam-style problems. For more information, please visit ( ), or contact PPI at or 800-426-1178.

Barbara Kendrick
PPI Marketing Dept.