PLEASE NOTE: If you have problems viewing the files, please click here. You will need Real Player to watch the video files. You will need Adobe Reader to view the homework notes.  Note that taping the sessions isn't always successful, so several year's versions may be listed.  If you find that a subject is missing in one set, just go to a different semester. The chance is good that you will find it there.

SELECTED STATICS REVIEW EXAMPLES - Zachry Department of Civil Engineering
    These reviews utilize only hand written notes so no text is required.

Georgia Tech Statics Class  Excellent! Sign up on the top right of the page.

Surveying - Lectures by Prof. Bharat Lohani, Department of Civil Engineering IIT Kanpur

Other good Civil Engineering course lectures from IIT - Geotechnical, Materials, Probability, Structures, ...

CHEMISTRY - TAMU Department of Chemistry - Larry Brown
       Chemistry 107 - General Chemistry for Engineering Students

They are currently converting the tapes to ITunes.  You will need ITunes to view the tapes.  It is an excellent introduction to Freshman chemistry.

MATH - TAMU Department of Mathematics

Amy Austin - Calculus I (MATH 151) video reviews
Amy Austin - Calculus II (MATH 152) video reviews

Other good sources for course reviews: